About me


Why, hello there!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet.
My names Bec and I’m a travel & lifestyle creative from Perth, Western Australia.

When I’m not travelling to faraway places and frolicking in flower fields, I’m often exploring my creativity in various (often unfinished) craft projects. Crafting is my favourite form of self-care and I strive to encourage all my friends and followers to make creativity a daily habit.

Virtual assisting and social media management is also my strawberry jam. Helping creative small-businesses and entrepreneurs tackle their to-do lists truly sets my soul alight. If you’re looking for a new business bestie to stand in your corner and help you kick goals, I’m your girl!

So here’s a few random little facts about me… just for fun:

  1. I’m a major Harry Potter nerd. Literally obsessed. I’m a Hufflepuff incase you were wondering (you probably weren’t haha)

  2. I drink more tea than I do water. I’ve never come across a tea that I haven’t enjoyed and I get totally over-excited about cute tea pots.

  3. I have a secret talent at hula hooping! I bought myself a hoop one day, just for fun and discovered I can do it really quite well!

  4. Although I’m very talkative in front of people I know well, I would consider myself to be on the introvert side of the scale. I use to suffer from awful social anxiety and it has been totally exhilarating now that I know how to manage it!

  5. Although I was born and raised in Australia, and it’s they’re somewhat of a national delicacy, I really dislike TimTams. I know… weird right??

The special people I have in my Iife truly fill me with so much love and gratitude and this motivates me to make even more meaningful connections with others. I created my little brand The Hatchling with the aim to bring together a community of like-minded, wonderful and unique individuals and be a source of inspiration with regular meet-ups as well as online content featuring DIY tutorials, travel tips, gardening, recipes and personal development advice. All the things that make me shine.

So please, do stay a while and follow my social accounts for regular updates on my daily happenings.

Love and fairy dust,

Bec - The Hatchling