A Frozen Wonderland in Iceland

I definitely levelled up on the adventure scale on this recent trip to Iceland. This place is by far the coldest and scariest place I've ever visited but at the same time, the most breathtakingly beautiful. Being in this big frozen country with it's huge snow capped mountains and rugged, rocky terrain made me feel just like a hobbit on a journey to Mordor. I half expected to see a dragon atop every mountain we came across!

Iceland_BEC 039 [Image by Jarrad Seng].jpg

I owe a big thankyou to 66North for keeping me warm (as was possible!) and dry during my time spent here with the thickest jacket I've ever owned. Thank goodness it was also waterproof so we could trek mountains in the snow and climb through waterfalls without freezing into an iceblock.

Also I’d love to give a shout out to The Gatherers Grove for the beautiful blanket you’ll see in some of my photos. I used it to death over in Iceland to rug up and keep warm during long road trips around the island but it’s also the perfect size to use as a picnic blanket and I love to keep it in the back of my car now that I’m home, for those spontaneous afternoons in the park. Follow the link to check out some of their other beautiful products.


Iceland_BEC 081 [Image by Jarrad Seng].jpg
Iceland_BEC 077 [Image by Jarrad Seng].jpg
Iceland_BEC 065 [Image by Jarrad Seng].jpg
Iceland_BEC 009 [Image by Jarrad Seng].jpg
Iceland_BEC 016 [Image by Jarrad Seng].jpg
Iceland_BEC 046 [Image by Jarrad Seng].jpg