International Hobbit Day with Pure New Zealand

Hello darlings!

Below you'll find a gallery of photos from my not so recent trip back to the north island of New Zealand. Jarrad and myself were very kindly invited to visit Hobbiton to celebrate International Hobbit Day (How did I not know this existed before now?!?!) by the kindest people at Pure New Zealand I won't lie... there were tears when Jarrad told me we were invited.  You've probably all seen my last Hobbiton photos and would know that I'm a mega Lord of The Rings nerd.


My dreams came true as we got to tour the little village before sitting down for an enormous banquet breakfast in The Green Dragon Inn. Later in the day there were food stalls and markets and maypole dancing. We had a huge buffet dinner that night under a big colourful marquee with the cutest little folk band playing while we watched a special effects makeup artist transform a couple of the guests into the most realistic goblins I've ever seen (not that I've seen many goblins to compare them too haha). It was a night to remember... and I'll be saying my little prayers every night that I'll get to experience it all again some day.


Photos by Jarrad Seng