"The world is full of magic, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper" -W.B. Yeats

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Welcome to The Hatchling!


Hello there, my name's Bec. I'm a 25 year old Perth local with a deep appreciation for cute stationery, fluffy socks and anything relating to Harry Potter.

With ginger hair, freckles and an obsession for collecting quirky trinkets (occasionally including oddly shaped sticks and pretty rocks), I’m not your everyday travel blogger. So grab your cosiest blanket and a steamy mug of tea, because i’m here to take you with me on a journey around the world from the comfort of your bed, couch or pillow fort.

More of a home-body? Well lucky for you, equal to my passion for travel is my love for staying home in my dressing gown and making a big ‘ole mess with my craft supplies. So if you’re not excited by the idea of travel adventures then perhaps we can bond over a mutual love of a slower-paced lifestyle instead, and get creative with granny-crafts and DIY’s.

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Love and fairy dust,